Terms & Conditions

We provide a friendly, trustworthy and most importantly punctual service. Your items will be strapped and blankets will be used where required.

***One man service***This quote is for a one man ground floor collection and delivery only. Assistance will be required for bulky and heavy items. 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor collection or delivery is charged extra or can be refused upon the driver’s discretion.

***Advanced payments***Any balance over 49gbp may be required to be paid within one hour of the booking in order for us to proceed (we will send you our bank details)***

***Waiting time*** For whatever reason we have to wait. We don’t charge anything for the first 10 minutes. After this time we charge 20gbp for every 10 minutes slot. If we arrive at an address and there is no one there, you are liable to pay for the FULL delivery cost. You are agreeing to these charges when accepting our quote.

***Auction collection’s are charged at an extra 20gbp. This is simply because it takes longer to collect the item’s as they are mostly not ready for collection when we arrive and also a queue to be seen***

***Delivery and collection times*** For us to provide you with an exceptional service for an fantastic price whilst keeping our day to day running costs down we have fixed route’s to follow. We collect/deliver between 7am and 11pm. We can only collect or deliver your item(s) at certain given time’s unless we agree otherwise. We will provide you with a text messaging service on the evening before or on the actual day to give you a 3 hour timeslot for your collection or delivery. We can only arrive within the time frame we provide to you, it is your responsibility to make sure both collection and delivery contacts are made aware of this before accepting our quote.

***Business hours***Please advice before accepting our quote if collection or delivery is an business address and we have to arrive within working hours, if we are not made aware we will assume it’s an residential address.

***Damages***the customer is responsible for the packing and protecting of all item(s) prior to collection. We are not liable for any damages to the item(s) transported without sufficient packaging. We are also not liable to any damage caused to any glass/mirrors/porcelain and ceramics whether we package the item or not, with this said we will take our utmost care to protect all items we transport as best we can.

***Congestion charge***If the item is being collected or delivered in an congestion charge zone then there will be the congestion charge to pay on top of the delivery cost. In our van’s this is currently an extra 15gbp***No ULEZ to pay!

***Payments*** If we have not already requested the payment on booking, please ensure payment is ready on delivery or collection (depending on who’s making payment). We only accept cash or bank transfer payable to the driver upon collection or delivery. We charge a late payment fee, if after the delivery the outstanding balance is not received within 12 hours we charge for 40GBP every delayed day. This is not negotiable as the payment is due on collection or delivery and not a few days later or on some occasion’s weeks later.

***Cancellations/reschedule***Any cancellations or rescheduled job’s will be charged at the full collection/delivery cost unless a 72 hours cancellation notice is given to us as we only take on a certain number of job’s per route. Please note this also includes the collection or delivery contact not being available for us to collect or deliver within the time frame we provide. If you notify us 72 hours before the collection/delivery date you will not be charged and any payment you have made to us will be refunded to you minus an 20gbp admin charge***

Waste collection services- please send us clear photos of items that needs collections and take as many photos as possible to give us clear sight as to how many items and approximate the weight to be paid for at recycling centers. Only declared items are collected.  All jobs are declared and logged in  prior to collections we cannot transport any materials without its proof paperwork signed prior to collection. There is a strong possible that prices may be adjusted if the weight exceeds our estimates. We strongly recommend keeping waste covered to avoid getting dump and wet that increases weight and charged more.

****You are agreeing to the above mentioned terms and conditions before accepting our quote****

Please take our quotation into consideration.

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