Special Deliveries

The delivery of special services includes everything from palletised goods to single items demanding delivery. This entails a personalised strategy for getting the ideal solution for the delivery of our customer’s goods. Exclusive service delivery of Pallets, bulk mailing, and order fulfillment are just a few of the needs that our delivery service handles. All of the additional services are what we would consider being outside of our usual offerings.

What does “special delivery” mean?

Does it need to be safe? If the answer is yes, then it can be considered a special delivery. It is considered special delivery when additional particular care is needed. This can be caged for safe transportation, boxes for storage, or bubble wrap for extra protection and safety. This covers moving contents from the office to a new location safely. Providing our customers with an ideal relocation partner they can trust for packing, transportation and finally delivery to their preferred places, rooms, or storage.

Anything that goes beyond what is normally regarded as usual services is a special delivery.  These are goods that can be fragile, temperature-sensitive, and priceless or animals.

What types of customised delivery services are there?


Facilities for warehousing that provide 24-hour service to secure and safe storage.

Pallets transportation

Heavy and bulky products, as well as a group of things that are being shipped together, are transported using pallets.

Mailings and distributions in bulk

Utilize cheap bulk postal rates to promote awareness about your good or service. Set up a mail dropping from a business location to destinations in the UK or abroad, whether on a one-time basis or on a recurring basis.

Low-cost regional and local package delivery

It is possible and feasible to provide excellent service at a lower cost by maintaining local and regional deliveries within the company.

Non-business hours

These include Weekends, the remote region as well as delivery to a residence

Extra attention to the delivery of goods

This involves the delivery of goods that requires extra attention such as Medical equipment, fragile products, and those vulnerable to temperature.

When something completely customised is needed

A solution created just for your requirements. Genuinely unusual logistical requirements. Combination of high value, urgent, fragile, or more or when others are unwilling to complete the task.


Because each special delivery is unique, there is a need to determine the fee based not only on the item’s size and the mileage traveled but also its composition and any special precautions that must be taken to ship it safely.

Large and unusually shaped products of various sizes can be transported using a customised delivery service.

Contact the Raanah team for assistance or to receive a free quotation today to learn how much your special delivery will cost.

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