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How man and a van service operates?

When moving furniture and a few boxes of stuff from one place to another, not everyone has access to a large car.  We’ve all likely also encountered the need to move from a tiny space without going over budget. In both situations, hiring a man and a vehicle appears to be the best option. An outlay option to finish your task is to hire a skilled driver and a van that is the right size and can fit all the items you need to transport.

Specialist van drivers who work relocation services for a business are covered by insurance. Your possessions will be secured in place in the vehicle by the guy so that they are stable throughout the journey. To keep your belongings secure when travelling, moving blankets, ropes, and protective covers for delicate items and bedding are utilized. However, if you merely rent a vehicle and attempt to transport your belongings and other valuables alone, this might not be the scenario.

What is entailed in a man-with-a-van shift?

It is important to examine some of the details of a man and van service so that you may better understand how the cost of the man and van hiring is calculated, what to anticipate from all of this, and what you shouldn’t anticipate.

  • One expert driver should arrive in a van;
  • They drive various-sized modern, well-maintained vans;
  • Everyone who drives has liability coverage;
  • The fee for the services is per 60 minutes. Therefore, once a man in the van has come at the location, you must take all appropriate precautions to prevent wasting time. Additionally, you are responsible for loading the goods, so if additional assistance is needed, arrange it.
  • When transporting your luggage, the driver is of no assistance;
  • You must organize your belongings in advance and load everything yourselves. If you package items personally, be careful to mark your containers and do so appropriately so the driver will identify what belongs in the top and bottom of the van.
  • When packaging and loading the belongings, think about enlisting assistance;
  • Delivery of packages and support with packaging are offered for a fee;
  • Make your own travel arrangements because you cannot travel with the van
  • Pets, hazardous materials, and contraband cannot be transported by the man with a van.

Raanah Deliveries offers relocation services, equipment assembly and disassembly, as well as shipment of packing stuff and packaging supplies. All of these can be ordered separately and at an additional cost.

Please feel free to let us know what you require beforehand so that we can customize your shifting services to meet your demands.

With the help of our dependable man and van services, move without worry!

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