Couriers Fragile Goods

Couriers Fragile Goods

Fragile Goods are transported time and again, and businesses and individuals go through stressful moments when they want to transport these goods.

Examples of fragile goods

Fragile goods come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. These fragile goods can be artworks such as

  • Tableware
  • Sculptures
  • Mirrors
  • Ceramics
  • Musical instruments
  • Glassware
  • Antiques among many other items can be classified as fragile.

These goods, in most cases, are of financial or sentimental value. This means that when customers decide to move from one location to the other, they have to be extra cautious in selecting the most suitable courier company. Getting the best courier services company to transport is not enough. There is a need for customers to also do their part to prepare these fragile goods for their safety. Of course, most courier services companies have insurance that covers different goods, although others do not cover breakable goods. Some goods can be generational gifts or irreplaceable, thereby necessary to take every measure to make sure that they are protected from changes damaging them.   

Fragile Goods
Fragile Goods

Steps to transport fragile goods

1.      Select a box that is bigger than the product/item to pack in

2.      Wrap the product(s) with materials that are suitable for cushioning (e.g. bubble wrap)

3.      Wrap the product(s) with foldable foam

4.      Place the product(s) in a box

5.      Fill empty spaces in the box with air pillows to avoid movement

6.      Close the box and securely tape it several times

7.      After closing the box, make sure the box is labeled “Fragile” or “Special Handling” on all sides of the box

It is important to make sure that items that are fragile are ideally wrapped individually to avoid chances of the items banging on each other, leading to serious damages that can be costly.

After all the packing is done, it is crucial to seek a commendable courier delivery services company.

There are several companies that can deliver special handling goods in the UK and around the world. Some companies charge extra fees for the delivery of these items and other companies consider these goods like any other items. It is mainly the duty of the customers, however, to make sure that we package the items in such a way that they won’t break.

 Raanah Delivery is amongst the best courier services that can deliver items that are fragile across the UK. The rates are competitive and the safety of the products is guaranteed. Raanah Delivery understands the importance of delivering special handling goods to their final destination without damage. Of course, in minimal cases, fragile goods end up getting damaged, but the intention all the time is to avoid such circumstances from happening. We trained our team to handle customers’ goods with care until they reach the expected end in perfect conditions. Whenever one intends to use Raanah Delivery to deliver fragile goods, it is essential to highlight that so that we will handle the goods with care through the use of appropriate vehicles for such items. Contact Raanah Delivery today for safe delivery of all fragile items.

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