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The courier delivery services such as Raanah Delivery have a number of pricing on transactions that help the businesses’ operations functional and effective. One of the most crucial elements of a business transaction is clarity in terms of pricing.

Raanah Delivery has a transparent pricing structure that has no charges that are hidden. The process of enquiring for prices for a service is also easy and accessible online and offline. From the moment you send a quote, we will provide a free quote. You only pay once your booking is confirmed a small deposit and pay the balance once the job is completely done. We will book your task with our dedicated and trained staff, and guarantee insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

You are in control

We value our customers and meeting their demands is key to us. Customers make the decisions on the dates and times you intend the task to carry out.

What happens if customers change their minds after a quote?

The good news is that even if one changes his/her mind after a quote there is no need to panic since the changes will not affect the quote. We are flexible to make the changes that suit the needs of the customers.

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What aspects are considered when pricing a parcel for delivery?

There are a number of factors that are considered when charging the price of the goods intended for delivery. These fundamentals in a pricing model are:

  • The type or form of the goods
  • Weight of the product
  • Distance
  • Location (Remoteness or not)
  • Size of the item (s)
  • Duration of delivery (speed)
  • Service add-ons such as tracking, insurance, etc

How does one pay for the services?

Our quotes have bank details at the bottom. Customers can pay via:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Maestro Card
  • Visa Card
  • Cash (can be given to our drivers upon delivery of the goods

Why Choose Raanah Delivery?

  • Transparent and Affordable Prices
  • Competitive Quotes
  • Reliable  

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