Student Special Removals

Student Special Removals

Moving from one place to another for a student takes a lot of preparation and is sometimes burdensome. There are so many reasons why students are supposed to move so we help facilitate student removal. These movements can be voluntary and sometimes involuntary. An example of an involuntary move is the beginning of studies at a university or college far from home which requires students to move.  Voluntary moves include in-between the studies removals where students find themselves having to move back home for holidays, break or attachments. Those with friends and relatives who have flexible schedules and less commitments are assisted to move to and from college or any other place of residence for the students.

However, there are some students who have family and friends who are always tied up with commitments beyond their control which makes it impossible for them to help to move. This makes these students vulnerable and anxious to move since to some it will be a new experience for them altogether.

 Fortunately, Raanah has Student Special Removal packages coming soon that are aimed at making Students’ removals special, smooth and flawless. We understand the whole process since at some point many years ago, we also experienced the chaos that can come with removals as students.  The process was a learning curve which prompted the need to create packages that can fit every student’s pocket and also needs.  

Leeds Becket University Student Removals


Leeds Becket University

Raanah created the Student Special Removals packages to giveaway a choice of services for moving students. This can be for:

  • First time movers to college
  • Students moving between accommodations
  • Students going back home from college

Our services stand out amongst our rivals in business because we offer excellent and timeous services.  Raanah is committed to offer special student removals in the country with the students’ budget in mind.

Student Special Removals Offers

Membership Discount

Students can become members of Raanah Courier Services and Removals by joining through payment of a membership fee once a year. This means upon payment, one can get a discount of 10 % for a variety of courier services and removals at any time of the year.

Removal Packages

Students have three optional packages to choose from depending on their affordability and needs. These packages are Basic, Standard and Premium.

  1. Basic

The package is for students who want to be moved within the same area at most once a year.

The cost of the package will be provided in due course.

  • Standard

The package if for students who want to move within the same area and not more than 300 km at most twice a year.

The cost of the package will be provided in due course.

  • Premium

The package is for students who want to move within and outside their area as long as it is within the UK at most, 4 times a year.

Packaging Boxes are also provided for free (Optional)

The student will also have automatic 10 % discount whenever they want to use Raanah Courier Services.      

The cost of the package will be provided in due course

Subscription Structure

Students can subscribe to access the removal services from Raanah in form of:

  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Quarterly Subscriptions
  • Yearly Subscriptions

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